Both, Islam and Christianity share the belief that God appointed prophets and apostles to lead humanity into the straight path. God inspired and sent his revelation to such people for guidance. Today that revelation is available to us in printed form.

Muslims and Christians are familiar with names like Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus. While Islam and Christianity share the belief in Jesus as the Word and the Spirit of God, Christianity takes a few but crucial steps further. It claims Jesus as the Saviour of humanity, sent by God for this purpose.

People are more quizzical about things around than ever before. They question Why and How. Their inquiry questions the Christian faith too. We do realize that not everyone, including most Muslims, has the time or energy to read long books. For this reason an abridged version of a response to such an interest, who Jesus was and why follow him, is presented in the following pages.

Answers to who Jesus is and to why follow him are given into a down-to-earth perspective to make it suitable and readable for those to whom English may be a second language. Though honorific titles are not printed along with every name, the author and the publisher hold the names of the prophets and apostles in highest respect.